In 2003, new farmers Chris and Juli set out to grow onions and other vegetables with these simple goals: feed our community with delicious, clean, and nourishing food; preserve our soil and environment; and provide our family with meaningful, skilled work.  Twenty years later, we now raise apples, not onions, but we hold true to those values.  Growing apples for you is our delight and passion.”

The Farmers

Chris: I grew up in New York City but fell in love with farming on my grandparents’ farm in Illinois. After college I fell in love with Juli.  I am delighted by the growth and development of our crops, the changing weather, and the abundance of the land.  On the farm I am primarily responsible for caring for the trees, keeping records, and building and fixing things.
Juli: I grew up in Budapest, Hungary. After college I spent a year in upstate New York where I met Chris, and the rest is history. I learned a lot about myself since moving to our farm: I cherish working with Chris, I have a knack for physical labor (this is coming from a city girl), and an eye for  perfectly ripe produce. Raising our family on our farm was one of the best decisions in my life, and homeschooling came naturally.  I am passionate about feeding my family and community with beautiful, clean and tasty food.

Farm History

Panka in spring pea planting Trimmed Compressed

Blue Roof Orchard is located on 12 acres in Belmont, Lafayette Co., Wisconsin, between Madison and Dubuque.  Once covered by prairie and oak savannah, the land here is fertile and high in organic matter, and it was part of a larger crop and livestock farm until the 1990’s.   

We purchased the farm in 2003, and under the name Two Onion Farm we raised organic vegetables for our community-supported agriculture program from 2005-2018.  We were known for the quality and cleanliness of our produce, our attention to detail, and our prompt and responsive attention to our CSA members.  In 2012 we started an organic apple orchard alongside our vegetables, and we have gradually expanded our orchard since then.  

At the end of the 2018 season we stopped growing vegetables.  We realized that vegetables no longer provided the living and quality of life we need from our farm, and we also wanted to raise perennial crops which would protect our hillside soils from erosion.  We now focus on apples, applesauce, and apple butter, and we’ve changed our name to Blue Roof OrchardWe have developed excellent methods of raising organic apples, we are passionate about raising fruit, and we look forward to continuing to grow food for our community! 

Caring For the Land


We live on our farm, and we love our farm.  We’ve planted pollinator and wildlife habitat and we’ve worked hard to enrich and protect our soil with compost, mulches, cover crops, and permanent waterways.  Songbirds, native bees, toads, and mushrooms abound in our orchard.  We are proud that much of our farm’s electricity needs are produced by our 15 kilowatt array of solar electric panels.  

Two Onion Farm
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Blue Roof Orchard
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