Our Organic Apples

Unique & Delicious Varieties

Our apple varieties offer diverse flavors and textures that you won’t find in the supermarket.  We’ve selected these varieties because they taste great and because they are naturally resistant to diseases.

Most supermarket organic apples are grown in the deserts of Washington state, where the dry climate supresses disease.  In the humid midwest, plant diseases thrive.  Our varieties naturally resist disease and allow us to grow beautiful, healthy apples using organic methods.  Read more.



Tart, hints of spice and citrus, beautiful yellow apple.

Williams Pride

Sweet-tart, rich apple aroma and flavor. Great for fresh eating and also for sauce, baking, and drying.


Sweet, juicy


Sweet with a pleasant hint of tannins. Delicious.


Moderately tart, crisp.



Sweet, juicy.


Sweet. Delicious, floral flavor

Sir Prize

Tart, rich apple flavor

Crimson Gold

Crunchy, crisp, sweet-tart


Crisp, dense apple rich in sugar and acid.

Jefferis apple


Old time sweet-tart apple with delicate flavor.

pixie crunch

Sweet. Spectacular, crunchy crisp texture. Small, snack-sized.


Moderately sweet, juicy, hint of licorice. Eat fresh; also great for sauce or baking.


Sweet-tart. Classic apple flavor. Eat fresh, sauce, or bake.



Juicy, crisp, high in sugar and acid. Delicious, tropical flavor.


Sweet, crisp, and outstanding. A favorite. Also good for baking.

Hudson's golden gem

Unusual apple that tastes like a sweet, delicious pear.

Golden russet

Crunchy, nutty, and flavorful


Sweet, crisp, and mild


Sweet, rich apple aroma. Slight banana flavor.


Large, juicy, sweet-tart apple with delightful citrus flavor. Eat fresh or bake.


Moderately sweet. Spiced flavor. Good for fresh eating, and fantastic when cooked or baked.


Dense, crisp. Stores through winter. Tart at harvest but sweetening in storage. Rich, complex flavor. Eat fresh, cook, or bake.

Where To Buy Our Apples

●  Madison area: Join our apple CSA, or shop at the Willy Street Co-op.
●  Platteville: Join our apple CSA, or shop at the Driftless Market.
●  Dubuque, La Crosse/Viroqua area: Purchase an apple share from Small Family CSA.
●  At our farm in Belmont, WI.  We do not have retail hours on the farm, but you can order bulk quantities of #2 grade apples for pickup at our farm.

Utility Grade Apples

We offer bulk quantities of #2 grade apples for sale.  These apples are small or blemished and are well suited for processing into applesauce, pies, juice, etc. 

● 20 lbs: $1.75/lb ($1.45/lb for CSA members)
● 1 or 2 35 lb boxes: $1.45/lb
● 3 to 7 35 lb boxes: $1.25/lb
● 8+ 35 lb boxes: $1.05/lb

Order #2 grade apples for pickup at your CSA delivery site or at our farm.

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